Things I Don’t Like

When reading other blog posts, I have noticed that many people write about the things they do like. It got me thinking, what about the things we don’t like? Though I like to feel like I am an open minded person, there are things I don’t like. I figured I would share those with you!

1. Mint Chocolate – For some reason everyone seems loves this flavor, or combination. I sometimes think it is more popular than pumpkin spice flavor. I however, have never liked mint chocolate anything. I hate shamrock shakes, mint chocolate girl scout cookies, and mint chocolates that Olive Garden gives with the bill. The flavor does nothing for me, other than make me gag. Ew!

2. Tornadoes – Living in the midwest we, unfortunately, live in the part where more severe weather is common. Usually around this time of the year is when things start picking up. I use to have really bad storm anxiety, but how I am better able to read the signs of when to panic and when not to panic. When all else fails I tell myself, “well if this tornado kills me, then I won’t have another choice other than to be dead. It is what it is if it happens.” Me trying to convince myself of a harsh reality.

3. Gatorade – It is very rare for me to find a flavor of Gatorade that I can tolerate. They all taste like salty watered down popsicles to me. Powerade isn’t much better, either.

4. Horror Films – Okay, certain scary movies are fine, but others really push my limits. I had seen the first 3 Saw movies, but by time I reached the 4th one I reached the point of no return. I have to really be in the mood to watch anything that potentially gives me messed up dreams (which doesn’t take much). It isn’t bloody movies, its more like sexual abuse and jumpy movies. They don’t mix with anxiety. The worst part is watching one and falling asleep. It makes for some very insane dreams for me.

5. Textures – certain sounds and touches of textures make me cringe. For example, really scratchy carpet or sandpaper. If I touch it or hear it, I almost get like a tourette’s response with my head. I know, I am strange.

Those are just some of the tangible things that I do not like. What things do you not like? Do you have a weird texture issue like I do? Let me know in the comments!


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