Blogmas 2019: day eighteen

7 days left until Christmas! That means it is crunch time people! I never understood those who wait until the last minute. People like my father that go shopping on Christmas eve. How the heck do they do it?! At the same time, we never went without on Christmas growing up. So I guess it... Continue Reading →

Blogmas 2019: Day Two

I am sure you have heard or have your own opinion, but let's talk about this... When wishing someone happiness this season, do you say "Merry Christmas" or "happy holidays"? Back when I worked for Walmart, they had just implemented the policy that we no longer could say "merry Christmas" to customers. We either couldn't... Continue Reading →

More Snow

This has definitely been one white Winter! I have always loved the snow, so I am certainly not complaining. During the Winter months I sort of stop obsessing over the weather because it is highly unlikely that we experience a tornado during the Winter. After our busy day and night Saturday, we went to bed... Continue Reading →

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