Journaling Prompts For Self Reflection [Quarantine Edition]

I am having an off day. It started out fine, but now everything is getting under my skin. I figured it would be beneficial to distract myself and what better way than to do some journaling? Q&A quarantine Edition 1. What has quarantine taught you? -I have always been a hermit crab. My mental illnesses... Continue Reading →

31 Days Of Self Love: Day 4

Day 4: What is a compliment that you struggle to accept about yourself? Honestly this answer depends on the day. I have confident days and days where I am not confident at all. I think that is normal for most people? Two compliments that I typically do not believe (not that the person is lying,... Continue Reading →


The term provoke is defined by Google as, "stimulate or give rise to (a reaction or emotion, typically a strong or unwelcome one) in someone." Do you ever purposely do something in hopes of a specific reaction from someone? I think we are all guilty of that. We are provoking someone for whatever reason. Usually... Continue Reading →

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