Find The Gratitude part 3

With this year seeming to be harder to hold on to some traditions, it has been nice having ones that we do from home. I guess that is a lesson to be learned during a pandemic; have traditions that can be done from home. Every year we have somehow managed to spend the month of... Continue Reading →

Find The Gratitude

Hello, November, it is nice to see you again. Though, I still cannot believe we are already here! November is the month we take the time to remember and take notice of the things we are grateful for. It may seem impossible with the year we are all having. But I bet there is at... Continue Reading →

My 2020 Bucket List

With all the uncertainty going on right now, there is a lot of negativity surrounding everything. I for one am refusing to let 2020 be remembered as the year of jumanji and all things horrible. I had started this year with a relatively small bucket list, but as Summer quickly approached I began adding more... Continue Reading →

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