30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day five

What does it even mean to be a minimalist? A minimalist is someone who focuses on living with less things. By having less things, less debts and burdens, you are able to experience more positivity in life. The less negative stress the happier, right? Sometimes just simply reminding yourself can keep you on a track... Continue Reading →

30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day three

Day three was actually to get rid of old socks. I actually already did this a couple weeks ago when I got my new (thrifted) dresser. So, I had to find another challenge for today. I have 2 lists I am going off of for when things like this occur. Is that cheating? I don't... Continue Reading →

Less Is More

Change is inevitable. I am finding myself in a different place lately. Perhaps it is the fact that in a few months I will officially be in my thirties. Does that make me an actual adult? I like to believe that I will take after my mother and remain young at heart forever. Though, I... Continue Reading →

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