January Reset: Right Now

Being present minded is so important. You can't get anywhere if you are dwelling on the past or dreaming too hard about the future. Though, I am definitely guilty of both at times. The second weeks topic in the January Reset tag is; right now. Number 1. Right now I am loving _____. Right now... Continue Reading →

Find The Gratitude part 2

Last week I decided we were going to do this Find The Gratitude idea that I had. Every night after dinner we would tell each other what we are grateful for. After the first day, I figured, maybe we should write it down somewhere. So, I decided to make a gratitude tree. I found a... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Update

A couple months ago I received an email saying that my primary care provider was no longer going to be in practice this Summer. I literally just started seeing her this last year when my other primary doctor left the practice. Anyways, I wasn't sure what that would mean for continuing my meds, so I... Continue Reading →

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