Family Dysfunction with “in laws” (seeking advice)

It is 1135pm, Friday, May errrmm...16th? Nope, 15th. All the kids are in their beds and I am pretty certain my husband is sleeping in our oldest son's bed, too. That leaves me in my room, in the mostly quiet (monkey's t.v. is on). I really feel like talking, but no one is awake right... Continue Reading →

What It Should Be Like

I can't say everyone does, but most people dream about a day they are in a life long relationship with someone. I know I had that dream ever since I can remember. You can tell because for several years I was a bride for Halloween. One thing I never really thought about was the family... Continue Reading →


I do my best to be a good person. That doesn't mean that I am perfect and that drama doesn't happen. For many years now (specifically 8 years), I have been dealing with this on-going drama on my husband's side of the family. More specifically, with his brother and his brother's wife. I have thought... Continue Reading →

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