The One Thing

3 weeks down and 1 and a half to go! The day after being admitted we went for an ultrasound to measure my fluid levels. During that ultrasound we found out that little man was breech. Most doctors will not do a breech delivery. Although, a couple of the ones I have met with said... Continue Reading →

Selfish Thoughts Are Not Welcome

Well, we have made it to the 32 week mark. Which means I have 2 weeks left to make it to the 34 week goal. I honestly wasn't sure I would make it this far, but I am glad for each day that little man stays inside. Last night was rough. Chris has been at... Continue Reading →

In The Hospital

Within hours of my last post, I ended up in Labor & Delivery. On Tuesday evening, we had eaten dinner as normal and decided to go to the local neighborhood marketplace to get a few groceries. I was feeling pretty good considering the pelvic issues from the 2 days prior. We walked through the first... Continue Reading →

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