Two Sides

If I had a dollar for everytime someone told a story leaving out the details of their behavior so that they don't make themselves look bad.. I would be rich. I'm not perfect. I don't claim to be anything even remotely close to being perfect. I know my flaws and I know my mistakes. I... Continue Reading →

Get Off Your High Horse

I think it's safe to say we all know someone who thinks they are the cat's meow.  They believe that they are better than anyone and everyone. Sure, there is nothing wrong with thinking so highly of yourself, but the truth is neither me or you are better than each other. We all have our... Continue Reading →

Alter Ego

If you haven't heard this term before, well let me fill you in. An alter ego, is Latin for "the other I" like a person leading a double life.  I don't live a double life, but I do think I know who my alter ego would look like.  2 words.  Carrie Bradshaw. If you dont... Continue Reading →

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