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Tag: diy

House Update (Fireplace)

It has been 3 months since we moved into our new house. Check out the first house tour before and after as well as my recent post that strictly talks […]

Life Happening Now

As I said yesterday, I was up to my ankles in sawdust because of some projects we were doing. We have started operation “prepare house for selling”.  It is going […]

Things I Wish I Was Better At

I think everyone has something that they wish they were better or good at. The other day I was doing a Halloween diy and I was getting a little annoyed […]

Rainy Day Entertainment For Kids

This last week was a bit dreary. I think it rained for nearly 2 days, seemingly nonstop. I don’t mind the rain, though, it can make me feel lazy.  Pickle […]

I just want to diy

I have always been a hands on type of person. I guess that is why I like arts and crafting so much. Creating makes me happy. I wish I had […]

Felt Flower Mobile DIY

Have you ever seen those expensive mobiles on and wanted one for yourself, but did not want to spend $70+ on one? Well, I sure did. When I found […]