Blogmas Day 7

Living in the midwest, I have grown to expect a white Christmas. I have such a love for snow, perhaps it is because I am a December baby. All I know is Christmas doesn't seem right without it. This year we have already had a nice accumulation of snow (as you can see from this... Continue Reading →


31 Days Of Self Love: Day 13

Day 13: Take a selfie just as you are and find something to love about it. Uhm, okay, so I didn't plan for this one as I don't read ahead on the daily prompt. Here is my picture, mind you I am in bed and chose to be lazy and not wash my face tonight... Continue Reading →

Love Thyself #2

Today as Poppy was napping and Pickle was at preschool, I was going through some blogs. I stumbled upon one through a Facebook blogging group. Nia Simone wrote about accepting your physical self, including your natural hair. Ever since I was little, I have had thick and curly hair. At some point, my mom had started perming... Continue Reading →

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