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I posted before about Pickle’s obsession with twenty one pilots. Lately he has found a new band to listen to. […]

Liebster Award

I am always so humbled to receive these nominations! Ashley from Mental Health At Home nominated me again for this award, thank […]

7 Years 

Last night I fell asleep on the couch. This is a rare occasion for me as I am usually up […]

Under the Moon

After going through Blogmas, I realized how much I enjoyed writing to a theme of something. I was trying to […]

And a Happy New Year!

We (me, Chris, and the kids) are ringing in the new year at my mom’s place (with her, my step […]

New Years Resolution?

Year after year we are often asked what our new year resolutions are. We are reminded of all the things […]

Blogmas Day 24

I honestly cannot believe it’s already Christmas eve! I keep thinking back at where I was last year. I was […]

Blogmas Day 23

Cookies cookies cookies! Of course we have to make cookies to leave out for Santa!  You can buy premade dough […]

Blogmas Day 22

So it’s almost Christmas eve and the anticipation is keeping the kids antsy.  One tradition we started when Pickle was […]

Working Mom Update

Last month I shared an emotional post about being a working mom and it feeling like a lonesome burden to […]

Blogmas Day 21

It is December, nearly the end of December, and we have had no accumulation of snow. It use to be […]

Blogmas Day 20

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, my memory lane I should say. I have been trying to think about […]

Blogmas Day 19

Things have been a bit crazy around here. Seems like each day gets a little bit busier than the last. […]

Blogmas Day 18

If I could I would make it a law that Christmas lights be left up all year round. I just […]

Blogmas Day 17

For any age, filling a stocking can seem like one of the most daunting parts about Christmas, (shhh) or being […]

Dealing With Depression

In some ways I categorize my depression as bipolar. I have never been diagnosed as bipolar, but it wouldn’t shock […]

Working Mom

Being a stay at home mom (parent) is hard. It is all I have known since we brought Pickle into […]

The Awesome Blogger Award

The lovely Gwen nominated me for The Awesome Blogger Award and the Mystery Blogger Award. Since I have already done […]

It is on now!

A couple of weeks ago, I hit a rough patch. I won’t get into details of that right now. I […]

Blogmas Day 1

Hurray it is officially December! December is probably my most favorite time of the year.  I love the snow. I […]

What Is Marriage?

If you’re looking for a religious answer, it isn’t going to be here. This post is just my thoughts on […]