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Dealing With Depression

In some ways I categorize my depression as bipolar. I have never been diagnosed as bipolar, but it wouldn’t shock me if I was. When I say my depression is […]

Life Happening Now

As I said yesterday, I was up to my ankles in sawdust because of some projects we were doing. We have started operation “prepare house for selling”.  It is going […]

Horse With No Name

I meant to post this yesterday, but I was up to my ankles in sawdust. Hurray for DIY house projects! Anyway, so I had meant for this post (song of […]

Big Bad Wolf

Because who doesn’t love a musical rendition of a classic story…except it is not like the classic. I resonate with this. Big Bad Wolf by In This Moment Lyrics Even […]


One of the most important things of any relationship is trust. When you come from a background like mine, it is hard to give anyone 100% of your trust. I […]

It is on now!

A couple of weeks ago, I hit a rough patch. I won’t get into details of that right now. I have mentioned before that I have a short fuse. Along […]


This video has been surfacing and resurfacing on Facebook for, at least, the last few months. Every time I see it, I play it. Every time I play it, it […]

Fuck You (Very Much)

Sometimes you just need to tell someone off. I won’t waste my breath anymore, but this song will suffice. I was sitting on the couch browsing Pinterest, as usual, when […]


Not really a story to go with this one today, I just like this song. Lyrics Home is where you make it From a distance I feel lost, you can […]

Poppy’s First Birthday

Beings it was Poppy’s birthday party today,  I figured I would give a little show and tell about that đŸ˜. I have been planning for her 1st birthday for a long […]

Shape Of You

Today is the first day in 3 days I didn’t wake up with a song playing in my head. Instead, as soon as I woke up, I put on my […]


I swear this song is probably a top 5 song that is stuck in my head at least once a week. I dont have much of a story to go […]


I posted before about Pickle’s obsession with twenty one pilots. Lately he has found a new band to listen to. It started with a commercial that played the song, then […]

Liebster Award

I am always so humbled to receive these nominations! Ashley from Mental Health At Home nominated me again for this award, thank you Ashley!  What is the liebster award? A recognition award […]

7 Years 

Last night I fell asleep on the couch. This is a rare occasion for me as I am usually up until 2am, if not later. We had a busy day […]

Under the Moon

After going through Blogmas, I realized how much I enjoyed writing to a theme of something. I was trying to think of how I wanted to start the new year […]