Blogmas 2019: day twenty one

4am and I haven't been to bed yet. Yikes! We had our friends come over for dinner, games, and gingerbread house building. Unfortunately 2 of the 4 mini village houses were broken when I opened it. But, luckily, I decided to buy my own large kit this year for myself. Have I mentioned yet that... Continue Reading →

Blogmas 2019: Day Thirteen

As I typed the title to this I realized it is Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious??? Anyway... Bursting into song.. (in an opera-like mood) "Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches!" One of my favorite aspects of Christmas is my Christmas tree. Yes we have a fake tree. I think... Continue Reading →

Plus Size Thrifting

Like I mentioned previously in my Subscription Boxes post, I have become quite fond of thrift shopping. I have gone thrift shopping before, but lately I have felt like thrift shopping more rather than going to department stores like Target and Kohls. I have a hard time justifying the cost of brand new clothes. Especially... Continue Reading →

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