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I Can’t Do It All

I cannot speak for everyone, but I feel that as a stay at home mom, wife, and student that there are not enough hours in the day. Every night I […]

I want to remember

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the memories that I have of myself growing up and all the things I can possibly remember. The good and the bad […]

Let’s Talk Trash

For those of you who do not know me may be thinking, “why is this topic important?” I think it’s important because of the work that garbage men and, yes, […]

Turkey Sausage & Vegetable Bowl

I have been trying to find recipes that I can prep for lunches for my husband and I. I had found this recipe on Pinterest, located at I wound […]

She is here (A Birth Story)

The weeks leading up to the birth of our baby girl were definitely different than that of Pickle’s pregnancy. I had been experiencing what is known as ‘prodromal labor’ nearly […]

Living With Social Anxiety

To be quite honest, I am not sure where it all began. In my teenage years I was the obnoxious, loud mouthed, type of girl. Except for at school.  At […]

Second Pregnancy Thus Far

I knew this time I wanted things to be different. I had been doing my research to find out that I can have a vaginal birth after having a cesarean […]

Secondary Infertility

When you have one child you don’t think having another would be that difficult. Once again, I was wrong. Around Pickle’s first birthday, we decided to go ahead and start […]

Pregnancy and Birth Blog for Pickle

The journey to motherhood, or parenthood, is an amazing process. In order for people to understand my current circumstances, they first must understand the pregnancy and birth of our first […]


November 10, 2016 Welcome to my new blog! I use to have a blog affiliated with, but in the last few months that site has shut down. I also […]