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Category: life

His love for music

From a very young age, our son has expressed interest in music. Singing twinkle twinkle little star on repeat was the only thing to really calm him down when he […]

Moving On Without Healing

We all go through struggles. Some people struggle more than others. Some people’s struggles seem much worse than others. The question is though, how does a person move on from […]

From cosleeping to crib sleeping

For those who know me personally know what a struggle it was getting pickle to sleep in his own bed. From day 1 he was a cuddler. I also had […]

Our Summer Bucket List [2017]

During the spring I was eager to see how the rest of the year would play out. One of the great things about summer time is being able to enjoy […]

Let’s Talk Trash

For those of you who do not know me may be thinking, “why is this topic important?” I think it’s important because of the work that garbage men and, yes, […]

She is here (A Birth Story)

The weeks leading up to the birth of our baby girl were definitely different than that of Pickle’s pregnancy. I had been experiencing what is known as ‘prodromal labor’ nearly […]

Secondary Infertility

When you have one child you don’t think having another would be that difficult. Once again, I was wrong. Around Pickle’s first birthday, we decided to go ahead and start […]