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Category: life

Life Update Fall 2018

I still cannot believe October is already almost over! I have always been told the older you get the faster time goes. Man, they surely were not lying! Not a […]

What Day Is It?

I am losing track of days here. Monday I thought it was Friday. Today is, uhhh? Satur..Friday, and I am wondering where this week has gone. Heaven help me if […]

Life Happening Now

As I said yesterday, I was up to my ankles in sawdust because of some projects we were doing. We have started operation “prepare house for selling”.  It is going […]

New Years Resolution?

Year after year we are often asked what our new year resolutions are. We are reminded of all the things we wish we were or wish we had. Whether it’s […]

Working Mom Update

Last month I shared an emotional post about being a working mom and it feeling like a lonesome burden to me. Knowing that I was going to work for a […]

Having A Familiar Face

I don’t know what it is, but apparently I have a familiar face. I don’t know how often this happens to other people, but I get a lot of remarks […]

Seasons Of Life

Here I am, a 27 (almost 28) year old mother of two. The season of life that I am in is where my children are young and very dependent on […]

Be Thankful Always

Every year in the month of November people are reminded to be thankful. Thankful for their family, friends, food, housing, clothes, jobs, and many other things that make up a […]

Home Video Nostalgia

About a month ago I posted about our Sunday Funday where we were finally able to find a VCR. Do People even still own these?  I have owned a few VCR’s in […]

Naturally everything was chaos

It has been 6 years since I have had a consistent job. I have been preparing my mind for today, ever since my interview 2 weeks ago. I wasn’t nervous about […]

What Is Marriage?

If you’re looking for a religious answer, it isn’t going to be here. This post is just my thoughts on what a marriage is and what it means to me. […]

Home Sweet Home

Don’t get me wrong, I love my house. I love it in the way that I have grown comfortable here. I love it for the memories it has given me. […]

Sunday Funday?

Today (technically yesterday now that its 1226am) I had been waiting for my inspirational moment. The moment we bloggers cling to. The moment when a new idea comes to mind […]

A Partner’s Perspective (csection)

On Facebook, I am part of a support group for VBAC’s. If you haven’t yet, you can check out my birth stories here Pregnancy and Birth Blog for Pickle and Poppy’s birth blog. […]

Attitude Adjustment Needed 

People always talk about the terrible two’s. In my old blog, which no longer exists thanks to that website, I talked about parenting a “three-nager”. Yes, it is exactly what […]