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Category: Awards

Blogger Recognition Award

A huge shout out to Have You Ever Noticed Blog for nominating me for this award! Thank you so kindly! Rules: 1. Thank the person that nominated you with a […]

The Awesome Blogger Award

The lovely Gwen nominated me for The Awesome Blogger Award and the Mystery Blogger Award. Since I have already done the Mystery Blogger Award, I will stick to the Awesome […]

Liebster Award

I am always so humbled to receive these nominations! Ashley from Mental Health At Home nominated me again for this award, thank you Ashley!  What is the liebster award? A recognition award […]

Liebster Award

I am very grateful to announce that I have been nominated for another award! Ashley at Mental Health At Home nominated me for the Liebster award. Thank you Ashley for believing in […]

The Welcome Aboard Blogger Award 

Everybody has to start somewhere. I thought it would be fun and encouraging to give a shout out to those who are new to blogging.  The rules are: Nominate up […]

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated by Smiles and Hugs for the Sunshine Blogger Award. When I first started on WordPress, I wasn’t sure how many people would enjoy reading what I write. I cannot […]

Mystery Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger award. First and foremost I would like to thank the academy..oh wait, just kidding. I would like to thank Tokyo Cowboy for nominating me, it […]