Good ole mother nature is showing us her true winter color today. It has been snowing all day and I don't think she is going to be stopping anytime soon. I just love the snow. The only downfall is it is hindering us from going anywhere. We both had today off and were planning to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Fear The Reaper

I remember the first time I actually listened to the words of this song. It was in 2005 when my grandma had passed away. She was the first relative of mine that died. I was 15 and an emotional wreck. My dad told me to listen to this song and even though I had before,... Continue Reading →


In honor of the passing of Dolores O'Riordan from the Cranberries, I thought I would post my favorite Cranberries song. Zombie Lyrics Another head hangs lowly Child is slowly taken And the violence, caused such silence Who are we mistaken? But you see, it's not me It's not my family In your head, in your... Continue Reading →

Big Bad Wolf

Because who doesn't love a musical rendition of a classic story...except it is not like the classic. I resonate with this. Big Bad Wolf by In This Moment Lyrics Even in these chains, you can't stop me. Even in these chains, you can't stop me. Even in these chains, you can't stop me. Even in... Continue Reading →


This video has been surfacing and resurfacing on Facebook for, at least, the last few months. Every time I see it, I play it. Every time I play it, it gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I have never heard any kind of music like this before, perhaps that is... Continue Reading →


Not really a story to go with this one today, I just like this song. Lyrics Home is where you make it From a distance I feel lost, you can tell Cause all the frames have been replaced and off the shelf Chasing shadows as they follow me, but I can’t catch what I can’t... Continue Reading →

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