Life Dreams

A compiled list of the dreams I have had or have for my life

Family Tradition

Before I met my husband, my version of dirt track racing was the demolition derby and crazy 8 races at one of the nearby fair grounds. I had gone to […]

Justice for Pete

I wanted to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart. Peter Barges was a devoted father. He was invested in his son’s life from day one. […]

It’s What I Love About Sunday’s 

Ah yes, Sunday. Sunday is bitter sweet. It’s the end of a weekend, for “most” people. Which means back to work Monday.  For me, Sunday is the day I get […]

I am not afraid.

Why do people lie? Maybe they think it is protecting someone from the truth. Maybe they are protecting themselves from something or someone. There are plenty of reasons that people […]

Blast From My Past (part 2)

Continuing from Part One of my findings, this is another poem I wrote, probably 12 years ago. At the time I wrote this, I did not know what slam poetry was, but […]

Blast From My Past (part 1)

I was going through some of my things when I came across some of the things I wrote when I was younger. This had to of been from my creative […]