April 2023 -the recap-

April 1 – I took the kids to the library where we stayed for almost 2 hours.

April 2 – Babysat my nephew and niece for a few hours. I did some yard work while they all played in the mud. Started prepping things for Harrison’s birthday party (piñata). Spent the evening printing coloring pages, coloring, and hanging out. We ended up watching The School of Rock.

April 3 – (first official day of Springbreak, no school). Woke up to the children wanting donuts. Their project for the day (I made this up on a whim after the older two were fighting) was writing a script and making a nonviolent movie with the message of kindness involved.

April 4 – My back and pelvis has been acting up so I spent the morning lounging around with a heating pad. I spent the afternoon going through the kid’s clothes: pulling out winter clothes and stuff that was too small and putting their warmer weather clothes in. 🌼 After dinner we dyed eggs.

April 5 – Prepped some breakfasts (pancakes and oatmeal bars) and made dough for pizzas. We did some water color painting and cleaned the house.

April 6 – I was going to attempt to get some of my house projects done, but couldn’t find my painter’s tape. I played some animal crossing and then the kids started begging to go outside. Luckily it was nice out. While out there, I decided to start one of the yard projects that we have been talking about. It didn’t take long before I realized I might be in over my head.

Either way, the kids enjoyed getting dirty.

April 7 – Hurray for Friday! I spent the day finishing up some last minute Easter shopping. In the evening we took the little kids to my sister’s and picked up my nephew to take him and our oldest to a game board cafe for his birthday gift.

April 8 – Spent the morning by myself at home. Ran to Target for a last minute item. Started prepping my Easter dishes. Chris and the kids came home and we spent several hours outside. I ended up painting a rock for the garden that will eventually take shape in the front yard. I think it turned out alright, could have been better, but that’s okay.

April 9 – Easter sunday. Our oldest woke us up before 7am saying “the sun is out” and wanting everyone to get up. They all enjoyed their baskets and immediately followed that with gathering all of the eggs in the house. I made 2 quiches and 2 fruit pizzas. We spent time with my family at my sister’s house for brunch, an egg hunt, and a bounce house. We spent the afternoon at Chris’ parent’s house with his parents and his mom’s family. We spent a lot of time outside playing with the kids. On the way home, Chris decided to take the extra scenic route. It was a nice drive outside of the city. It ended up raining for a little bit, so Isla and I had our hands out the window to feel the rain. Overall, it was a great day!

April 10 – Back to reality, at least the weather was perfect! It was a homework with the windows open sort of day.

April 11 – Chris had the day off so we could go to our dentist appointments. Mine ended up being rescheduled and afterwards we decided to take the kids out of school and go to the zoo. It was a wonderful day for it!

April 12 – Took the kids to school and headed to my first post-covid appointment. It was at least a 30 minute drive for me, just to be told “opps sorry we didn’t get you in today afterall”. Oh well, at least it was a nice morning to drive (minus the morning rush hour traffic). Spent the day doing housework and playing with number blocks. After school, we played outside throwing a football around and then I ended up raking most of the front yard.

April 13 – Back to work for me. It was an interesting day, with some drama involved, to say the least. We did spend time outside after dinner cleaning up the toys and watering the front yard – it needs help.

April 14 – Fridays at work are always, uhm interesting? My students have specials on Fridays and our day is short, so my personal schedule over laps everything. I kind of just hang out. This particular day we had state testing going on, so I spent over an hour hanging out with kids just drawing and coloring. My 2 students I work with every day were shocked at my drawing “talent” and kept asking me to draw them pictures. During my lunch the drama from the previous day continued. After getting my kids from school we ran some errands and headed home for a bit and then we went to visit my brother. It did end up storming while we were there, the sky went from dark grey, to a grey orange and then to a dark orange. It was pretty cool. We also had to pickup my mom’s groceries and deliver them to her since her and my stepdad are down with the sickness.

Super Saiyan Goku I drew for a student.

April 15 – Spent the majority of the day in bed with a nasty headache. Ended up making banana bread with Harrison. After dinner, I ended up painting the entryway trim and stairwell walls.

April 16 – What a day for things to happen. I woke up to the garage opening and closing repeatedly. Apparently the springs broke and it no longer could open. Ontop of that, more of my family tested positive for covid from easter and my daughter and I are having some symptoms. I had to reschedule all of the next week’s plans including appointments and Harrison’s birthday party. Hurray! Though, not having an agenda has been a nice slow down for us. Wylan had me drawing him pictures so that he could paint them. Here are a couple of them.

April 17 – It’s Harrison’s 4th birthday! We are quarantined at home, but he did get his cupcake for dinner and his gift from us.

We ended up testing for Covid and Harrison was the only one who tested positive.

April 18, 19, and 20 – Still sequestered at home, but everyone else seems to be on the mend. We retested for covid again on the 20th, all were negative.

April 21 – We took the kids to Hairball. This was the younger kid’s first time going to a concert. Harrison was fascinated with the lights and pyrotechnics and Isla only liked it when she knew the songs. It was pretty good, I only wish they had ‘Kiss’ play more – which was the whole reason we went (Harrison is still obsessed with Kiss). We didn’t tell the kids where we were going, but they caught on when I started painting their faces.

Of course Harrison was getting a lot of attention from people wanting to take his picture since he had the whole get up on. I let him decide if he was okay with it or not. He only wound up letting one guy take his picture, everyone else he said no. He was getting upset that everyone was calling him “cute” which made him cry and his makeup started running down his face. Isla was upset because she didn’t understand why no one wanted to take her picture. We got a lot of compliments and people saying we are the coolest parents ever. I don’t know about that, but it was an experience to remember for sure!

April 22 – It was a ‘put our life back together’ day. I still am not 100% better and my oxygen levels have been declining. I knew I needed an inhaler, but you can’t just walk in and ask for one. I had to go to the Immediate Care Clinic to get checked out and they did in fact prescribe me an inhaler, go figure 😅. We did spend a little time out side in the backyard before dinner.

April 23 & 24 – I can’t remember what happened these days. My lungs were really wearing me down. I ended up puking multiple times trying to clear my lungs out.

April 25 – Still not doing so hot. I slept off and on throughout the morning hours. My face started flaring again, which it hasnt done in several months now, so that has been painful. I somehow managed to make dinner, clean out the craft area, and pickup Harrison’s room. However, in the late hours, after everyone was asleep, I ended up throwing up again trying to clear my lungs. I ended up making “golden milk” right before midnight.

April 26 – Still not feeling right, but trying to get through it. I ended up ordering a bunch of fruit, you know..antioxidants and what not…

Mango, kiwi,blueberries, and dragon fruit (FYI yellow/white is better than the purple/pink)

April 27 – I tried to get a doctor’s appointment for my breathing problems, but they didn’t have anything in the entire clinic until the end of May. They told me to go back to the Immediate Care Clinic. I get to the clinic about 2 minutes to open and there was a line of at least 12 people before me leading to the elevator. As I was standing in line, I kept monitoring my oxygen as I felt pretty wobbly. Once I finally got to the check in desk and told them why I was there, they immediately called for assistance because I said “chest pain”. The nurse came out and took me back right away. After vitals and waiting for what felt like forever, it was determined that I have costochondritis because of covid and fibromyalgia -everything being extra inflammed causing my suffocating feeling. So we added steroids to the mix, hopefully it helps. I did some ipad art trying to relax.

I used the marker tip and tried to use every color on the circle wheel. I still have to do Ellie’s and then I might print them and frame them somewhere, maybe…

April 28 – Finally feeling like my breathing is improving – thank goodness! Still not feeling 100% and I think a fibro flare may be coming as my body pains are intensifying, but not feeling like I am suffocating makes it feel more tolerable. I tried to relax by doing some more art work on the ipad.

I ended up drawing my mom and stepdad’s pets over the years.

We did spend some time together coloring and making our Summer bucket lists. We also played cherades and hangman until about midnight.

April 29 – Woke up feeling worse with an accompanying headache. Took some tylenol and ate breakfast and waited for it to kick in. Luckily, it helped the migraine and I was able to go outside with the rest of the family unit. We cleaned out the garage, made a mud kitchen out of stuff we had laying around, and I hosed off the house and driveway. The kids kept busy by doing a graffiti project, riding bikes and scooters, and getting into the mud. We ended the night with watching movies in the den.

April 30 – Still not doing too great with my oxygen levels. I couldn’t stay awake most of the day. Chris took the kids to his parent’s house while I stayed home, hanging out in bed and doing a little bit of homework.

Movies I watched:

  • Ever After
  • Alley Cats Strike
  • Turning Red
  • Heavyweights
  • The School of Rock
  • Drumline
  • Brink!
  • Motorcrossed
  • Murder Mystery 2
  • Easy A
  • Step Mom
  • The Great Hack
  • Talladega Nights
  • Semi-Pro
  • Team America
  • The Animal
  • Dumb and Dumber
  • Miss Congieniality 1&2
  • The Circle
  • Atlantis The Lost Empire
  • The Mighty Ducks
  • Honey I Blew Up The Kid
  • Your Place or Mine

We only have a few weeks left of school before summer break! Holy macaroni!

🌦 jenn


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