2023 Spring Bucketlist

Hey friends!

It is officially Spring, even though mother nature is still toying around with snow here in Nebraska. Regardless of what she is doing, I decided to make a bucketlist for Spring as I haven’t made one in, at least, two years. And if I did, I can’t locate it anywhere…


To say things have been busy here is certainly an understatement. We will dive into that one a bit deeper here in a few days with my end of the month post. I feel like we have been exceptionally busy this year between our regular day to day work and kid’s school stuff, add in my master’s program, doctors visits, injuries & sicknesses, dance class, birthday parties, and house project, we are just trying to keep our heads screwed on. In an effort to force myself to focus on joyous things, I decided it might be easier if they were planned for. So I decided what better way to do that than to make a Spring bucketlist?!

2023 Spring Bucketlist

  • Spring Cleaning – I already started this one today, getting the main level of the house done. Add in the rest of the house, getting some painting finished, and the basement organized I will be satisfied!
  • Go to the library – We have been so busy that we haven’t been to the library since their Christmas event. With Spring break coming up for the kids and myself (from work), I thought it would be a great opportunity to get out of the house and do something that is free and joyful.
  • Play in the rain – Of course I don’t mean play in a full on storm, but playing in the rain just sounds so joyous!
  • Watch a storm – Now that I have moved past my storm anxiety, I have started to find peace in watching storms roll through. Obviously if there is a tornado I will definitely be in the basement 😅.
  • Go to the movie theater – I am hoping we can find the time to take the kids to see the new Super Mario movie. It has been a hot minute since we went to the theater.
  • Go to the zoo! – We haven’t made it to the zoo in well over a year. Now that the kids are out of diapers and needing a stroller, I am looking forward to going asap!
  • Science museum- We have a new science museum opening in a couple of weeks. I am hoping to check it out! It might make it to the summer list though, we will see!
  • Harrison’s birthday! – Can you believe my little man is going to be 4 years old!? I am really excited for his party, hoping to blow his mind with the details haha! 🎸 🥁 🤘
  • Dirt Track – It wouldn’t be an event list for us if it didn’t include something involving racecars, especially dirt track ones!
  • Tulip festival – Okay, seriously, I have been trying to go to one for years! It always winds up not working out, but I am putting this here anyway! Never know what could happen! 🌷 🌷 🌷

Heck, I think that is a lot for such a short seeming amount of time. We will see what happens, I’m not saying we will get to them all, but I am certainly looking forward to the fun activities verses the obligations and finding peaceful moments amongst the chaos.

What are you looking forward to this spring? Let me know all about it!!

🌷 jenn

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