Spring 2023 Pinterest Outfit Challenge

Have you ever noticed that fashion inspiration pictures are always taken in places that, look cool, but seem completely random? Like, “let’s stop in the middle of a road to capture what I wore today”. I don’t know about the rest of society, but I am not always walking around town. I am however, always walking around my house, my place of work, sometimes Target, sometimes Michaels, and sometimes to and from a table at a restaurant. None of those environments are displayed in fashion photos that I have seen. [Yes I realize ‘professionalism’ matters in marketing].

For Valentine’s day, I was trying to do a Valentine’s outfit challenge post. I ended up not getting it finished for health issues that happened half way through. As I was working on attempting to take my own pictures, I realized the only background I have is either my kitchen [because natural light is amazeballs], my bedroom [because it’s the only place I get one second to myself, long enough to get a picture], or a selfie in the bathroom mirror. Not the most noteworthy of backgrounds that would make a photo seem “professional”.

I got to thinking about Spring outfits around the same time that I had to scrap the Valentines post. I had gone back and forth on making another outfit post, because while I love fashion and sharing ideas, I felt like it was too corny? to have all of my photos with these homely backgrounds. As the days went on, I decided, “you know what, not everyone lives in a pinterest photo-worthy lifestyle. Surely there are plenty of people who, like me, love fashion and feeling good about themselves enough to take a picture, but only have a homey background behind them.”

So with that said, and by the title of this here post, I present my mostly homely and work bathroom selfie background, Spring Pinterest Outfit Challenge.

[The whole idea behind this was started a couple of years ago when I was trying to recreate looks I found off Pinterest using what I already own in my closet. You can check it out here > 2020 Fall Pinterest Outfit Challenge < ]


Interesting enough, all of my jeans were dark wash or grey. I decided to go ahead a buy a pair of lightwash jeans from Target, everything else I had to complete my version of this one.

My version:

Wasn’t really feeling like pictures were coming out very well. “No rain, no flowers”.


My version:

My favorite compliment was from my 4 year old niece. She said, “I love your skirt, especially the pink lines.”


My version

I wore this to work and got a lot of compliments. It happened to be a rainy day and the bright colors certainly stood out. P.s. I like the denim jacket better here than I did in Spring Pinterest Outfit Challenge from 2022.


My version:


My version:

Best picture I got for this day. I got a lot of compliments on this one from both coworkers and students! Most of them thought it was a dress, but it is actually a long sleeve shirt and a skirt! It is my go to in style choices these days.


This look just screams Spring to me with the colors. The pale yellow, pinks, and florals, 💋

I absolutely fell for the jacket! I knew in order for this to satisfy me, I would need a floral jacket, which I did not have. I started just by searching for a similar one and ended up finding the exact one on Poshmark! Granted, I don’t have the yellow dress, I did have a couple other ones that I figured would work.

My version:

My oldest son even complimented me 🥰

I love doing these fashion challenges. Sometimes I get in a rut of not taking the time for myself. Having inspiration helps motivate me to climb out of that hole. Plus, having a job, aka somewhere to go, helps too.

I am happy that Spring is here! Now it is just getting it to stay that is the issue, haha!

🌼 👗 jenn


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