Where Are My People At?

Ever since I was at least a teenager, I have been intrigued by the way bodies and brains equal the people we are. Now I am in a Psychology master’s program and I find it more intriguing to have more insight on why people are who they are.

At lunch today, I was talking with a coworker as we have a lot in common going on in our lives right now. It is fascinating how we are all so unique, yet all so very much the same. Similar issues, but different ways, outcomes, and the way we perceive and interpret them.

Sometimes I really wish I could sit inside someone’s head and read their thoughts, word for word. See how they play out and how their behavior relates to them. One thing we were discussing is what makes a person have an addictive personality type. Because while we know dna can play a role, it doesn’t always become a problem for people with shared dna. It’s a bit mind boggling, but also highly fascinating.

It is hard not to read someone’s behavior and wonder what, in their head, made them do that specific thing [especially when it comes to challenging behaviors]. I also look at relationships and try to pick apart how they work or how they don’t. Is that person actually happy with their partner, their life together, or do they purposely find ways to avoid all of it for some reason? The things we don’t see in public.

I like the people who wear that behind the scenes face proudly. People who can talk about what shaped them, what difficulties they have going on specifically with themselves, and trying to navigate some kind of advice to help them out, if they want it. I love just sitting there asking a million questions to see how the psychology has impacted their life. How has culture shaped them. My current class is all about cultural psychology and I am finding it incredibly interesting.

I was watching an interview the other day on YouTube of Cole Sprouse. He was a childhood star, forced into it by his mother. He was talking about how he loves psychological conversations with people. He said you can tell if a person is part of this group of people who love digging deep into psychology, just by looking in their eyes. He says he hosts parties with these people just to spend hours on the subject. I feel like those would be my kind of friends, my kind of people.

I don’t keep friends all that well, but 99% of the time I am completely okay with that. I think the other part of me just has that natural mammal instinct to be a part of a group of mammals. I think part of the reason I don’t keep relationships is because they go one of two ways for me: 1. People aren’t willing to be vulnerable, be their trueselves, and I get bored or 2. I am too vulnerable and open, blunt, and they get scared away.

I think it takes special people to be interested in psychology in the capacity that allows us to talk about ourselves and how we came to be who we are, the “bad and good”, all of it. So I guess the question is..




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