Feel Good Friday

Fridays use to be days we ‘celebrated’ just simply for reaching the end of a week, you know the whole TGIF thing? I don’t really ‘celebrate’ Fridays being Friday anymore. I think it’s because weeks just never seem to end and are a constant flow, merging with every other day of the week, month, and year.

Typically I work on Fridays, but today our district has off for the end of the quarter. It actually couldn’t have worked in my favor any better than it did. I started a fibro flare Wednesday overnight and though it is starting to dissipate now, I am not 100%. Did you know snow and cold weather are often fibro triggers? They certainly have been correlating with mine. Anyway…

The weather has been a bit morose the last few days, certainly fitting with my mood. I woke up this morning, finally with the edge taken off my body, and decided today needed to be a good day. “How can I make today a good day”, I thought to myself. Which then lead to this idea of “feel good friday” where I can share all of the things that make me feel good. I am just going to lay it all out there!

What makes you feel good? I encourage you to write it all down so you can look at it when you’re not feeling so great, pick one from your list and do it!



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