Spring [2023]

Spring is upon us and I have caught myself daydreaming about laying in a flower garden. I have never actually laid in a flower garden, but still I dream of what it would be like to do that.

I have this dream of raising my own flower garden. I see pictures of “english cottage gardens” and I am just absolutely enamored by them.

I really want to bring that to my own yard. I certainly don’t have a green thumb and the way our house faces isn’t exactly optimal for all the pretty species. I am working on finding what my yard will and won’t grow. So far the only things I have been able to keep growing are my black eyed susans, one lavender plant, and one of the three campfire rose bushes I had planted. I have been trying to get a save the bees garden going, so it would be great if things would actually stick around.

We have a side yard that serves no purpose currently. I am dreaming of turning it into a side garden that you can walk through and perhaps even read/relax in. The ideas are endless really. It is just a matter of planning and making it happen!

Something about it seems so magical! I think of the movie The Secret Garden that I watched at my grandparent’s house sometimes as a kid. I never knew anyone that had a garden of that sort until my adult life. Maybe it just made it feel all the more magical since it was a rare beauty.

However now I am older and I see more people with varying levels of gardens. I think there is something to be said about a person who gardens, it takes commitment to keep it going. I personally love being barefoot in the dirt and getting my hands covered in soil. There is something therapeutic about it.

I have heard the weather people are calling for more snow this week. I was informed that they are estimating 13 inches of snow Wednesday into Thursday. This means I can’t get in the dirt just yet, but I can start making my plans!

Turning that garden dream into my reality!

Do you have a garden? What is your favorite species to grow? Do you find peace in gardening or sitting amongst the flowers? Talk to me about your spring dreams!

🌦 jenn

~Pictures are all from pinterest.~


7 replies to “Spring [2023]

  1. I love every single picture. Every single one. I want all of them. I wish I could have them. One of the problems I have is that I live in Chicago and we have a very short growing period before winter is back but I long for the beauty in your post. You made my morning.

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    1. Thank you! We have about 4 fake springs before we get a little bit of the real thing here (Nebraska). I think we just got through the 2nd fake Spring, lol.
      I am so glad it brightened your day!!


      1. It did and I’d like to watch someone make that garden in my yard and have it look as if it has been there forever. LOL Not asking for too much, right. You get cold weather as well. Our grass is green and some things are pushing their way up, but it’s too early for them to be here. As I said, this has been a truly wonderful winter for us.

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      2. Right! That is the thing with it, it takes time for it to really get established to that magnitude. I had planted some hydrangeas last year and none of them took. I am hoping the roots survived and something will pop up this year. Our grass is still sleeping here, but I have seen some other yards pushing up tulips!


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