A Preliminary Story That I Wrote

I was going through my phone’s notes, deleting the unnecessary and unused ones. I found this story that I had started to write based on a dream that I had. It was dated July 27, 2021. I remember the dream, but forgot I had this hiding in between the to do lists and things to remember. As I was rereading it, I thought it was pretty good and I should throw it on here!

It was titled:

My name is, well that doesn't matter anymore. I was stripped of everything I knew the day they brought me here. The last thing I remember, I was at the bank so I could open my own account after starting my new job as a hair stylist. I had walked there. I walk everywhere, even though most people consider that an old fashioned way of life. I like long walks and besides it is better for the environment, especially since we are experiencing global climate change. 
There I was, in line at the bank behind an eldery woman and, maybe, a thirty something year old woman who had one kid on a backpack leash, one kid standing peacefully beside her, and an infant tucked inside a cocoon that was wrapped around her chest.
I was thinking about the jacket I was wearing. It was the middle of October and the winter months were drawing near. I had found this jacket at the thrift store that I worked at to pay for my hair school tuition. It was a wool coat, straight from the 1920s. The khaki color with it's high collared neck and black buttons, really made me feel like a well respected city woman.
There I was, to myself, this "well respected big city living woman of the year 2018 in her vintage, thrifted, jacket. About to embark on a big milestone at the ripe age of 24, getting her own bank account." The future possibilities felt endless in that moment.
I saw these two men slightly to my left, staring at me and making whispering noises to each other. I thought it was because I was looking so glamorous that day. I didn't always wear lipstick, but on this day, I was wearing bright red, smear free, lipstick.
Finally it was my turn at the counter. I asked to open an account for myself. All I needed was my identification, social security number, and my current address. In the 10 minutes that I was at the counter, the whispering men, seemed to have left. The teller handed me a temporary card to use, bidded me a good day, and towards the door I went.
I was feeling proud to have accomplished this all on my own. I walked to that door with eloquent pride. When I opened the door to step outside, the bell rang. I pretended that was my sound to the world to "watch out because HERE I COME!"
I walked about 10 feet to the nearest cross section when I was approached by this man. I had recognized him as the man whispering in the bank because he had this very peculiar black hat on. He was tall and slender with a dark mustache and matching curly beard. Honestly he reminded me of a man straight out of the 1920s, just like the jacket I purposely wore that day.
I smiled at him, as I was donning my ego on my face. He smiled back, but didn't say a word. He took my arm by the elbow and hurried me to the sliding door of a brown van. I didn't even have a second to think or scream. I was quickly ego-less as I feared now for my life in the back of this van. The man shoved me to the window seat, the side there wasn't a door on. He put my seat belt on and sat next to me, without muttering a single word.
The other man was driving and kept looking in the rear view back at me. Probably checking to make sure I wasn't able to figure out how to escape. I sat there terrified, but willing to comply to save my short lived life from ending.
We traveled through the night. Although, I swear we went through the same towns twice. I was trying to remember things on the way, in case I was somehow lucky to escape. By dawn we had reached what appeared to be a deserted camp ground. I thought, "surely this is where I am going to die, or be left for the wolves once they are done with me. Never to be found again."
The further in we drove, I began to see a couple of small houses, several sheds, and a field that looked like a massive garden patch.

Let me know what you think! My dreams often play out like a movie, leaving me feeling like it is imperative to write it down. Never know, one day it just might become something!



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