Valentine Questionnaire- The Kids Answered!

We did this Valentine Questionnaire in 2021, I was looking at it and decided to see how the kids answer them! I was silently cracking up at this one! Harrison is 3 (almost 4), Isla is 6, and Wylan is 9.

How’d you guys meet? [Mom & dad]

H: I don’t know what you said, you picked daddy up
I: mmm at Walmart
W: walmart

First Date? [Mom & dad]

H: I don’t know…the library?
I: I don’t know
W: i don’t know..somewhere with food

How long have you been together?[Mom & dad]

I: 40 years
W: since you were 20 and now you’re 33 so 13

Age difference?[Mom & dad]

H: Daddy is older
I: Daddy is older
W: one year, you’re older

Who was interested first?[Mom or dad]

H: you liked me first
I: you liked daddy first

Who is taller?[Mom or dad]

H: dad
I: mommy
W: Dad, at least I’m pretty sure

Who said I love you first? [Mom or Dad]

H: yyyoooou did
I: he did
W: probably you

Most impatient? [Mom or Dad]

H: uhhh you mom
I: daddy
W: mmmm I would say dad

Most sensitive? [Mom or Dad]

H: it’s me cause I cry fast
I: you
W: mmm I don’t know that’s a hard question 50/50

Loudest? [Mom or Dad]

H: uhmmm me
I: daddy
W: dad

Most Stubborn? [Mom or Dad]

H: uhhhh you
I: both
W: I don’t know

Falls asleep first? [Mom or Dad]

H: uhh daddy
I: dad
W: dad

Cooks better? [Mom or Dad]

H: you…sometimes you make good stuff for us sometimes I don’t like the stuff you make though
I: mom
W: 50/50

Better morning person? [Mom or Dad]

H: me cause I’m fast to wake up
I: mom
W: I don’t know…both

Better driver? [Mom or Dad]

H: uhhh daddy
I: both
W: probably dad

Most competitive? [Mom or Dad]

H: uh you
I: both of you
W: mmmm hmmm depends on what

Funniest? [Mom or Dad]

H: you!
I: daddy
W: both

Where do you eat out most as a couple? [Mom & Dad]

H: chicken wing
I: Runza
W: I don’t know where you guys go

Who is more social? [Mom or Dad]

H: me! Me! It’s me mom!
I: daddy
W: hmm both

Who is the neat freak? [Mom or Dad]

H: uhhh youuu!
I: you
W: doot doot dooot doooo you both are

Where was your first kiss? [Mom & Dad]
H: a date
I: I don’t know
W: I don’t know!

Who initiated your first kiss? [Mom or Dad]

H: uh did daddy kiss you first?
I: you kissed him first
W: I don’t know could have been either one hard to say

Do you get flowers often? [Mom]
H: uh no
I: yes
W: depends if it’s mother’s day, valentines day, your birthday or something but yes you do

How long did it take to get serious? [Mom & Dad]

H: uh 100 hours
I: uhm 60 years
W: maybe about mmmmm at least 1 to 2 years somewhere around there

Plans date night? [Mom or Dad]

H: uhmmm I don’t know
I: daddy
W: probably you

Who picks where you go to dinner? [Mom or Dad]

H: you!
I: hmm, mmmm, mom
W: probably you

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong?
[Mom or Dad]
H: Daddy
I: you
W: hmm I don’t know

Who wears the pants in the relationship? [Mom or Dad]
H: uhh you!
I: umm you
W: you, you hardly ever see dad wearing pants (then after chris explains the meaning he said) mom

Who cries more? [Mom or Dad]

H: we already did that and it was me
I: daddy
W: i don’t know

Who has more tattoos? [Mom or Dad]

H: me cause I already had one, just kidding its you!
I: daddy
W: mom

Who sings better? [Mom or Dad]

H: you don’t sing, but you do sing to me so it’s you
I: you
W: definitely not dad

Hogs the remote? [Mom or Dad]
H: you
I: you
W: hmmm, it’s like 50/50

Spends the most? [Mom or Dad]

H: you
I: daddy
W: hmmm you both spend a good amount on a lot of stuff so yet again 50/50

Did you go to the same school? [Mom & Dad]

H: no dad doesn’t go to a school
I: no
W: not to my knowledge

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together?
H: uhm farthest!
I: uhm I don’t know
W: I don’t know

Who drives when you are together? [Mom or Dad]

H: uhhhhh dad
I: daddy
W: dada


This was fun. It had all of us giggling. I love my family 💞.



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