Cracking the Code – How I Accidentally Solved My Skin & Scalp Problems

Where to even begin…How about from the beginning?

Sometime around the age of 14 or 15, I started having this ongoing “rash” on my face. It came and went with a mind of it’s own and it was just something I was struggling to deal with. Being a teen, we are already concerned about our appearance and this rash certainly added fuel to that fire. Completely insecure. I tried covering it up by using my moms compact makeup which was probably 4 or 5 shades darker than my skin. It also was way too thick and just made my problem even worse.

Not only was the appearance completely bothersome, but the actual harshness I was feeling was even worse. The only thing that seemingly helped to calm it down was caking aquafor on it for days at a time. The dryness never fully going away, but the flaring, burning, and itchiness would subside sometimes.

Without really considering seeing a doctor for it, I just thought it was something I needed to learn to live with. I had tried creams, lotions, scrubs, and everything I could afford to try. Nothing worked. Over the last five years or so, this rash has progressively gotten worse. From what use to be a rash covering my nose and spreading into my cheeks was now a rash covering nearly my entire face.

Can you see the pain and frustration in my eyes? Ugh, absolutely miserable. This picture is from October 2022.

Now that I am finally giving myself the permission to put myself as a priority, I decided to finally make an appointment with the dermatologist. I had done this before and then things got in the way of being able to afford the copays and treatment costs, so I never ended up going. Now that those situations aren’t an issue and I am on this journey to be physically well, I made an appointment again. It was also part of my 2023 Goals post.

Now, because I wanted the rash to be actively apparent for the appointment, I did have to call and reschedule it twice. On December 29th, I had my initial appointment with the dermatologist. My face didn’t wind up actually being in flare mode, but she was able to check my scalp and determined that it was likely seborrheic dermatitis. I had been told this once before from my old primary doctor. The dermatologist even prescribed the same medical cream and shampoo and a more aggressive plan in using them.

However, something happened that I didn’t think about until a few weeks later when I realized I have not had a face flare nor have I been picking my head in weeks! I only used the medicated stuff for a week because I realized I no longer needed it. But, what changed?

You might think I am crazy, making things up, or what have you, but…the only change that had taken place in that time frame was what I was using for creamer in my coffee. I had gone from heavy cream and froo-froo creamer to HALF N HALF.

Half n half is a dairy product that consists of whole milk and heavy cream.

I am not a milk drinker, never really have been. Once I took notice that my skin and creamer changes correlated, I did some research. I already knew that most Americans are vitamin D deficit, but could that cause such a rash?

Let me show you what I found…

Like, seriously, what!? Has this been my problem for the last 18-19 years!?

I haven’t had blood work to confirm this, but lets just say I have not had a flare up since switching the creamer! Over the weekend, I had been drinking coffee from Scooters and had noticed that my nose was starting to flake. Apparently without the daily dose of vitamin D it will come back for me. I do take a multi vitamin, but recently learned that some vitamins aren’t even processed properly. I also saw my bottle of vitamins said it has vitamin D3 which may not be the proper type I need as a vitamin d deficient person.

Either way, I am incredibly grateful that I accidentally found my problem’s remedy and have been able to pinpoint this, even if the doctor’s didn’t think of it first. I have a follow up with the dermatologist next month and I am eager to get her opinion. In the mean time, this is my face today!

I just thought not only did I want to keep sharing my wellness journey, but maybe someone out there is having similar struggles and could benefit from the info!



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