28 Questions to Answer in February [2023]

Happy February!

I decided to tackle another questionnaire that goes along with the upcoming holiday theme. A questionnaire all about different variations of love and admiration.

1. What makes you feel loved?

When people listen and give validation. Hugs. When someone uses their words to tell me how they feel. Like my kids telling me they love me seemingly randomly.

2. How do you show love?

Physical touch and verbal expressions.

3.The quality I admire most in others…


4. How can I go out of my way to show love to someone close to me?

Taking the time to tell them.

5. The quality I admire most in myself is…


6. Check in How are your new year’s goals coming along?

Trying to solve everything at once is not plausible. Trying to do what I can when I can. Trying is better than not trying.

7. Write about a bad situation that has turned good into your life.

Using my challenges to help younger generations overcome theirs.

8. One thing I want to get better at is…


9. I hope I make people feel _____ when they are around me.

To be frank I don’t really consider this. I cannot make people feel a certain way because perception can be so varied. I do hope that if people want to be open with me that they feel comfortable to do so.

10. My most perfect meal is…

One without whining, crying, or yelling, lol

11. What is the best compliment you could receive?

I appreciate any of them. I can’t really think of a “best” compliment.

12. Define “love” in your life.

I believe there are different variations of love. Overall I would consider it an intense liking of something or someone.

13. What song is a good soundtrack for your life right now?

“You spin me right round baby right round” or “I’m going off the rails on the crazy train”

14. Write a letter to someone you love.

Hey….I love you 💋

15. How do you define self love?

Loving yourself enough to know it’s okay not to be perfect, but also knowing there is always something to improve on and putting in the work.

16. How can you better love yourself and put things into practice?

Working on self confidence by improving the things I want to improve.

17. Write down 5 things you love about your body.

  • My height
  • My eyes
  • It held and birthed life 3 times
  • Boobs
  • It’s still standing

18. Write down 5 things you love about yourself that doesn’t have to do with appearance.

  • Honesty
  • I try to do the right thing in any given situation
  • I am a giver
  • I am perfectly fine with solitude
  • Expressive

19. Identify the things in your life that develop inspiration.

A lot of my inspiration comes from Pinterest. It has a beautiful way of being able to picturize my thoughts.

20. Free write for 15 minutes.

This is me free writing. Today feels a bit crazy and I am exhausted. Wake up, get kids ready, take one kid to school, go to a doctor’s appointment, take another kid to school, come home, play Number blocks, fill out paperwork for preschool, write an 1100 word paper, pickup kids from school, go to orthodontist, come home, plan dinner. Here I am finally getting a minute go breathe, I could just fall asleep. I have had a headache for over a week now, so that’s been fun. Uhm what else… I have a lot of ideas going on lately and I am trying to calm down to do one at a time or by doing what is reasonable and then making plans for the rest. I have to stop there cause life is busy. Lol.

21. Write down 10 things you are grateful for right now.

  • Having a vehicle
  • Technology
  • Teachers
  • Farmers
  • Books
  • Music
  • Health
  • Family
  • Glasses
  • Coffee

22. Find a verse, poem, or quote that inspires you in your current situation and write it down.

23. What is one thing you can do to take care of yourself today? Write it down and make it happen.

Today has been exceptionally busy. A hot bath and massage would be wonderous.

24. What makes you feel accomplished?

Seeing my grades on my assignments. Seeing my students growing in their abilities. Finishing to-do lists.

25. Make one tangible goal for the week ahead.

Don’t hit the snooze on my alarm.

26. What is something you’re looking forward to?


27. What do you want to see less of in your life?

Criminal activities

28. What do you want to see more of in your life?

Really it all comes back to money, but I would just love to be able to travel at our leisure



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