January 2023 Recap

First month of 2023 ✔️. January definitely had it’s moments of chaos, followed by moments of peace, followed by more chaos. Here are some of the moments from the month!

January 1st

Another project in the works – took apart and sanded half of the bunk bed (it’s meant to be either separate or together) for Harrison’s room.

January 2nd

Starting my 2023 book list and Wylan working on his reading.

January 3rd

From my current read: Wintering by Katherine May

January 4th


January 5th

Isla is 6 years old now!

January 6th

🏫 👩‍🏫

January 7th

Brickoven Pizza – possibly my new favorite – the hand tossed crust was perfection. Chef’s 💋.

January 8th

Isla’s birthday party day!

January 9th

Eventually the posters will be framed. It’s fine for now.

January 10th

Sunrise 🌅

January 11th

Beat all the levels. Now I am working on the star coins and secret levels.

January 12th

Need I say more?

January 13th

Reminiscing…one of my senior photos, 2008.

January 14th

Spent the afternoon and evening at my in laws house, then we had a kid free night! 😊

January 15th

Spent the entire morning cleaning and purging the living areas. Ended the day with a game night.

January 16th

Self care and homework day. Yes that is a fake Thumbellina tattoo.
The kids and I also did some painting.

January 17th

Someone fell asleep in my bed before dinner.

January 18th

Trying this bowl method I found to make my curls, better? It did okay. If you are wondering. Im not impressed, but maybe I need curl defining cream to go with it. 🤷‍♀️
I gave the kid’s bathroom a deep clean and a revamp. From minion butts to rainbows 🌈.

January 19th

😋 so good!

January 20th


January 21st & January 22nd

January 23rd

My group assignment this week made me feel so good!

January 24th

Kids are home sick once again. Decided to make them french toast for breakfast. Its a get shit done day – phone calls, appointments, emails, laundry, housework, and homework.

January 25th

Was looking at some dog tips and this came up. Anyone try this? 🤣

January 26th

Had the family over for a chili cook off and cinnamon rolls night. Yum! These are my sister-in-law’s recipe, you can check them out at her blog madeinmotherhood.com

January 27th

A student made me a snowflake today. 😊

January 29

Went to the farm for milk and eggs today. Here is buttercup 🐄 🐮. On our way out, Harrison had a mishap that landed us in the ER.
Luckily he was able to just get some glue to hold it together. Not pictured is me holding him in the back of the car with a diaper on his face to try to stop the blood, on the way to the hospital.

January 30th

Spent the majority of the day with this tough guy. We made a cake and a giant pan of lasagna. In the afternoon, I spent far too long on my homework assignment that took me past the kid’s bed time. 😵‍💫

January 31

Hoping for a relaxing evening today after the kid’s activities and dinner. My eyes and head have not been so nice to me today.

Movies I watched:

  • The Equalizer
  • Dog
  • After Ever Happy
  • Matilda The Musical
  • Strange World
  • Beauty and the Beast (original)
  • Grease
  • Click
  • School of Life

Onto February 💞💌💘



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