January Reset: Action Steps

Without a plan to put things in motion, what is the point? Goals can’t be successful if we don’t take the necessary steps to get there.

The final installment of the January Reset tag is Action Steps! (I find this one easier to answer if you start at #7 and work your way back to 1).

Number 1. Action steps for this year.

– Focusing on physical health – make appointments as necessary, exercise, and eat natural foods as much as possible. Planning finances better, saving more, and controlling impulses.

Number 2. Action steps for the next 9 months.

-check priorities, align what needs to be refocused. Increase hours at work.

Number 3. Action steps for the next 6 months.

– check in on what’s working and what’s not. Am I meeting goals? Plan and refocus in priorities. Keep/go to appointments. Plan ahead.

Number 4. Action steps for the next 3 months.

– go to appointments, if any. Keep with the to do lists and plans. Start to plan ahead for the next few months.

Number 5. Action steps for the next 6 weeks.

– keep appointments. Continue to be accountable in my to do lists and plans.

Number 6. Action steps for the next month.

– Continue to make my sheets for my binder to fill out weekly. Force myself to stay disciplined with the exercise plan I created. Keep in mind, Want vs Need. Make necessary appointments.

Number 7. Action steps for the next week.

What can be done this week to get me closer to achieving my goals?

This week I need to print out some new sheets for my binder and work on setting financial goals. I also need to make an exercise schedule that I can stick with!

Nothing like starting the year off with some plans! What are your goals this year and your plans to get there? How do you keep yourself accountable?

The time to take charge is now!



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