January Reset: Goals

We will always have desires for ourselves. If you are like anyone else I know, myself included, it can be challenging to fulfill desires with the snap of a finger. Things take time and often times it takes planning and investing into that desire in order for it to come to fruition. If we consider our desires and turn them into goals, there is a much better chance that we obtain said desire.

Part 3 of the January Reset tag is goals.

1. A personal goal for this year.

I have several goals for 2023. My main concern is my health and wellbeing. I feel like I have really focused so much of my attention on my mental health for, at least, the last few years. Now that I have a pretty good grip on that, I want to start focusing more on my physical health.

2. A work goal for this year.

My work goal for 2023 is to increase my hours in the Fall.

3. A health goal for this year.

As I mentioned my health goal for 2023 will be focusing on my physical health. I will also keep in tune with my mental health so that it doesn’t get left back in 2022. Part of my physical health goals has to do with my skin conditions. I already had my first visit with the dermatologist and am on a regimen for that. We will check the progress in a couple of months. I also plan to start going to the gym again and sticking with a natural foods lifestyle.

4. A relationship goal for this year.

I want to build on my relationships with my kids. Sometimes I feel like I am so over run with things to do that I can’t just simply sit and play or say yes to them. I struggle with playing pretend, but am finding other ways that we can share play time. I want to be able to say yes more often. One thing we have been enjoying are puzzles. We also have periodically played on the virtual reality. We really like Beat Saber.

5. A “build my future” goal for this year.

The main thing I can do for building my future this year is to keep going in my master’s program. This will lead me where I want to go in my career goals and with that comes even more income for our lifestyle wants.

6. A friendship goal for this year.

I really don’t have a friendship goal. I am no longer feeling the need to force myself to have relationships with people just so I can say I have friends. I don’t think there is anything wrong with enjoying solitude. I suppose when situations arise, I can say yes more when people are inviting me or us to do something.

7. A home goal for this year.

I would like to finish the painting in the stairwell and trim, and finish the flooring on the steps. If things workout, I also want to redo the bathrooms, but we will see!

Goals are important. I remember in high school rolling my eyes every day in prime time (aka Homeroom) when we had to write our SMART goals. Now, I one hundred percent see the relevance in making goals. Especially as we are in adulthood and feeling like all we do is work just to get money to pay bills and survive. Having goals helps us keep our desires in focus so we don’t get entirely lost in what we want from our lives.



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