January Reset 2023 Reflection

Two years ago, I had done this series of January reset posts. I really enjoy the questions and the concept of it. I thought, this year I will do the questions again. The idea is to spend one day a week, in the month of January, to think about the theme of the week. The themes are reflection, right now, goals, and action steps. There are only 7 questions, so it is easy enough to complete quickly. If you already read my 2023 Words of The Year post, I talked about what my inspirational words are for the year: discipline and accountability. What better way to start the year of accountability than to writing things down? I reflect often on my old posts, so I figure having the concreteness of these posts this month will help me out. But, first, I can’t move forward in that, without first reflecting back on what has been.

Let’s get going!

Week 1: reflection

1. Wins for 2022?

Finally feeling like we are getting our home into a style that will last and is also functional.

2. Losses for 2022?

Not having achieved my physical health goals as I wanted to. Though some improvement was made.

3. Goals reached in 2022?

I started my master’s program to start going in the direction I believe I am meant to be on career wise.

4. I wish I had _______ in 2022…

Saved more money.

5. People who helped me in 2022.

My village.

6. This year I need to cut out ___________.

Negative self talk.

7. This year I need to add ____________.

Discipline and accountability of myself.

How do you reflect on the last year? What are your shoulda, coulda, woulda’s from 2022? How do you plan to make a change so that you don’t look back at 2023 with the same thoughts?

I will post each sequential post for the January reset every Monday this month.



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