2023 Words of The Year

For the last couple of years, instead of making new years resolutions, I have been trying to focus on one word to be my main goal of the year. In 2020, my word of the year was intent. I actually feel like that is what I stuck with last year as well, trying to be more intentional with where I spend my time.

As I have began to reflect on this past year, I decided that this year I really need to focus on two words. These two words go together though, so it’s really a 2 for one special.

2023 will be my year of discipline and accountability.

I really have a hard time when I have no energy or motivation. The wants and goals, though are always there, seem to hit the back burner when I am lacking. Motivation isn’t what is going to stick to accomplish my goals, discipline and accountability are absolutely necessary to make changes and making things happen.

I am trying to find ways to keep myself accountable and staying disciplined. I ordered 2 of my own amazon book designs for the year, one as a journal and one is more like a planner. I will need to set aside the time to focus on both during each week. Making sure that I keep writing things down and don’t just leave these in my nightstand until December when I am looking back on the year wondering “what happened?”. Here are the links if you’re interested Chirpy Morning Notebook Journal and Save The Bees – Yearly Planner.

I did create/redesign some sheets for my binder to help keep my thoughts organized. I thought I would be nice and share those, too.

My printer tends to go through ink fast, so I try to keep colors minimal, even though they are so fun!

I just want to set myself up for success this time.

I am researching different methods of accountability and have even considered finding a life coach. I really like finding inspiration on Pinterest because the sayings become ingrained in my head.

I know it won’t always be easy and I may feel like giving up, but if I keep myself accountable and stay disciplined enough even when I dont want to do something that correlates with my goals (like working out or cooking at home) I will be a lot closer to my goals than if I keep doing what I have been doing.

All I want to do is be the best version of myself, with my sanity intact.

What is your word for 2023?



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