December 2022 Highlights

Usually for my monthly recaps I keep track throughout the month, jotting things down that I want to remember or snappng a picture when the moment strikes. For this month though, time really got away from me. I was going through my pictures and decided to share the pictures in my phone from the day they were taken on.

Dec 1

Dec 2

Dec 4

Dec 5

Dec 6

Dec 7

Dec 8

Dec 10

Dec 12

Dec 14

Dec 15

Dec 16

Dec 17

Dec 18

Dec 20

Dec 21

Dec 22

Dec 23

Dec 24

Dec 25

The aftermath.

Dec 26

Happy 9th Birthday to Kona

Dec 27

Dec 28

Dec 29

Dec 30

Dec 31

And just like that another year is done. With each passing year, more and more, I am stunned by how fast it goes. I am grateful for where I have been and the changes I have made, but most of all I am excited to see what the new year brings.

2023, let’s get it!

🎆 jenn


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