Blogmas 2022 •Day Twenty-Five•

What a day!

Our oldest tried to wake up at 11pm, luckily he put himself back in bed. At 3am, both he and our daughter were up trying to convince us it was time. From 3am to 6am I swear they came in every 10 minutes pleading to open presents. Finally around 630 we gave in.

They are all very happy with their gifts. We recorded all of the gift opening with our digital camera. I don’t bring my phone with me so that I can be present and not picture focused. So I don’t have photos of that to share. Afterwards I made cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs. Then we started to build and get rid of trash. I vacuumed and we set up the tables for when my family came over.

The kids made some flower vases from empty cans and paper.

I asked the kids what their favorite gifts were. Isla said, everything. Harrison said his tracks. Wylan said, “you”. I said, oh, should I wrap myself up and lay under the tree? He is an undercover mama’s boy. I love it, especially considering he will be 10 this coming year, waaah!

I also taught him how to make devilled eggs today since he requested them. Other than me boiling and peeling a few, he made them by himself. They turned out pretty good!

My family started to arrive close to 4pm. We finished setting up the food “buffet”. This year we did a taco/nacho bar. Everyone contributes to the theme, there was a lot of good stuff!

The lighting was not great, so neither is the photo, but you at least get the idea here. I also made a “Christmas punch” that wound up being a huge hit.

While waiting for others to arrive we took turns playing beat saber on the Oculus virtual reality game. It is a lot of fun! Even though I was terrible at it, haha!

After feasting we gathered in the livingroom and had the kids hand out the secret santa gifts for the adults. We took turns unwrapping our things one by one, trying to figure out who our secret santa was. My stepdad had me and my mom had Chris. I wound up getting a massage gun that I am super excited about! It was fun doing the gifts one by one this time.

After we all finished, it was time for the children to open their gifts. Of course there wasn’t any lacking in the gift department per Meena and PaPop [my parents]!

They were all so excited about everything. We also did get to talk on the phone to my younger brother for a bit, so it was the closest we could get to having him here.

All in all it was a good and long day. Oh! And we did get snow for about an hour! Chris says he ordered it for me. 😂

We are nearly done cleaning up and are ready to just relax.

Shout of to the MVP of the day, Chris (my husband) for dealing with all the trash bags and recycling!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

🎄 jenn


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