Blogmas 2022 •Day Twenty-One•

Pardon the late post, it has been a day. A very emotional, up and down, but grateful day.

Hold your loved ones close. Time goes too fast and life is too short.

We spent the day as a family today. We were able to go see Granny (Chris’ grandma) this morning. We visited for a couple of hours or so and left when the kids started begging us for lunch. We grabbed pizza on the way home. We spent the day hanging out. I did get a nap in, too. We played games, danced/sang to music, played some video games, snacked, and watched our home video of last year’s Christmas.

Now we are watching some movies, all piled in our room. We are expecting some crazy midwest weather today and tomorrow, they already told Chris not to come in to work. I think the universe has a way of knowing just what I need. Right now, we just need to spend this time together. No agenda, no running around, and the kid’s favorite, no bed time.

As long as we don’t lose power we will be okay. I am just grateful we have each other.

🐧 jenn


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