Blogmas 2022 •Day Twenty•

Well a merry early Christmas to me! I finished my assignment last night for the last week of my current class. I was trying to look ahead to see what the next class was as it should have started today, but it wasn’t showing up. I finally was able to login this morning to the other site and saw that I actually get a winter break before my next class starts! Woohoo! I am glad I don’t have to stress over homework during the holidays!

I am going to use my time wisely while I have it! I am going to start with a candle-lit meditation bath. I plan to start reflecting on the year and determining what my focus will be for 2023. I am planning to watch more Christmas movies, ones I have not seen before [if you have any unique ones drop in the comments for me!]. I might work up the determination to rearrange some things in the house and finish the deep cleaning tasks. I realized this week I have some inner monologs that need tending to also. I am planning to try and work through those, journaling them out for sure. I just might even take a nap or two!

I cannot reiterate enough how important it is to take care of yourself. Though it is something we should all be doing on the daily, it is especially important during these busy seasons to fill your own cup too.

5 more days! Are you ready!? Are you implementing any self care? Did you have any unique Christmas movie recommendations for me?? Leave a comment, I always enjoy reading them!

☕️ jenn


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