Blogmas 2022 •Day Nineteen•

Well we have made exceptional progress on my to-do list over the weekend. I only have a few more things to wrap, some cleaning to be done, and school work to finish.

We got snow again today, which makes my spirit happy! Apparently we are expecting blizzard-like conditions Wednesday into Thursday and my district already called a snow day for Thursday!

Besides the snow, something to share that we have never done before for the holidays… put our dogs in sweaters! We have never bought them clothes before, though I have always wanted to. This year, I saw them on sale, and thought “Why the heck not!?” So here I present to you, Kona and Ellie in their festive attire.

Waiting for their bacon! 🥓

They actually seem to be liking them. Kona is always laying on our blankets so I figured he probably likes it the most. I am surprised they haven’t tried to eat them off of themselves. I almost ordered the 3 cats matching outfits as well, but decided not to. Maybe next year!

Anyways, that homework is calling my name! Happy Monday!

6 more days!

🎄 jenn


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