Blogmas 2022 •Day Eighteen•

We are working on projects today and I stopped to put together some lunch. I have been wanting to try this corn queso fresco recipe, so I did just that!

I did buy enough to make it again Christmas day when the family is here. Which got me thinking about Christmas food traditions.

Ever since I can remember, minus one Christmas, when I was younger we always had a traditional ham dinner. One year, I was maybe 8 or so years old, my family decided to do an Italian theme Christmas dinner instead. The main dish was going to be lasagna. Now, I don’t know the whole story of how it happened, but my mom blames her mom in the fact that she had her add hot pepper flakes to it. Needless to say, it was way too hot to even consume. I don’t think we steered away from the traditional ham dinner after that fiasco.

Until last year, when my family decided to try to change things up again for Christmas dinner. Ironically, we ended up doing an Italian food theme again, sans the lasagna! We had different types of pastas, sauces, and a salad bar. There was plenty of other things I am surely forgetting to name, but it was fun to have something different. I like ham, but I also really like to try new things so I was glad to have something different.

This year, we are hosting Christmas at our house (for my side). I gave the group the ideas of pancakes and pajamas or a taco/nacho night. We ultimately landed on the taco/nacho night since some people make a big breakfast Christmas morning and they didn’t want to have it twice in one day. I didn’t care either way. I just needed to have a plan.

Chris and I are supplying the meats, beverages, dinnerware, and the real estate. I decided to do pork roasts, carnita style and ground turkey for anyone who prefers that type of meat. I will also make the corn queso again, which was delicious by the way! Everyone else will be bringing the fixings and whatever else their hearts desire.

So now, I am curious! What do you have for Christmas day foods? Do you have traditions? Do you always stick to the traditions or do you like to try new things? Let me know about it!

🌮 jenn


4 replies to “Blogmas 2022 •Day Eighteen•

  1. I tried lasagna once for Christmas. It was not a hit, our boys clearly let me know they wanted the usual ham, mashed potatoes and my Mom’s scalloped corn.
    They are grown now with their own families. Our daughters-in-law are planning a Christmas breakfast like they did last year. All I have to do is provide the kitchen and stove….I’m in charge of the toast. My only granddaughter says I make the best toast lol.

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