Blogmas 2022 •Day Seventeen•

I have been feeling not so well for the last week. I think we figured out that it is from my medication change. I tried to muster through it this morning to get some stuff done. I ended up spending the afternoon laying down trying to get rid of a nasty headache and accompanying nausea. I wound up in my daughter’s bed sometime after 1pm or so and zonked out. I woke up to all 3 kids and my husband waking me up for dinner around 515-ish. I could barely eat because of the nausea, but who can resist taco night? Certainly no one in my house!

After eating, we cleaned up and I started making popcorn and hot chocolate. I knew today was going to be our night to go looking at lights. Even though I wasn’t feeling great, I also knew if we didn’t tonight we might not get the chance. The kids kept trying to guess what we were going to do. They are funny when they come up with ideas. Once they finally figured it out, they were excited!

We left sometime around 6pm.

For some reason it isn’t letting me upload the videos of the houses with lights that go with music. There are some pretty awesome ones! By the time we ended up at the last neighborhood, Harrison had fallen asleep.


We got home around 930pm. I am currently watching Jingle Jangle with Isla in my room and listening to the snore stylings of my husband. I have school work to do, but I thought sharing this post first was more exciting!

8 more days!

Off I go!

🎄 jenn


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