Blogmas 2022 •Day Sixteen•

We are officially in the single digits in the countdown to Christmas.

9 more days!

That means, for me, it is crunch time. I have projects that need to be finished, shopping that needs to be done, and of course wrapping wrapping wrapping! We also are hosting my family Christmas this year, so a deep clean is a must!

I will never stop proclaiming my gratitude for my village. Without them stepping up, I don’t know what I would do! My sister is keeping my kids tonight so that we can get everything done that we are able to. Here is my to-do list for the day and upcoming week!

  • Buy stocking stuffers □ ✔️
  • Pickup Target order □ ✔️
  • Deliver gifts to my school □ ✔️
  • Wrap presents □
  • Finish ornaments □ ✔️
  • Finish crochet project □ ✔️
  • Finish big project □ ✔️
  • Visit Granny □ ✔️
  • Deliver gifts to kid’s school □ ✔️
  • Put together kid’s classroom gifts □ ✔️
  • Remember to send Isla’s birthday invitations to school before break □ ✔️
  • Deep clean the house □ ✔️
  • Orthodontist appointment □ ✔️
  • Finish my last week of my class assignments □ ✔️
  • Drop off food pantry donations □
  • Decide on a new journal (can’t decide between digital or paper one 🤔) □ ✔️
  • Make cookies for santa 🎅 □ ✔️

I think that is all, something is bound to come up along the way I am sure. I am also looking forward to our annual drive around town looking at light displays!

What do you have left on your list?

📃 jenn


6 replies to “Blogmas 2022 •Day Sixteen•

  1. I enjoy reading your Blogmas very much. Seeing your list of things to do I admire the fact that you find the time to share your holiday experiences with us. As for the journal, I vote written. There’s something special about putting your thoughts on paper with a pen.

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    1. You are so sweet! I always enjoy your comments as well! I am leaning towards written, but am afraid it will wind up with the others that get used for 2 weeks and then motivation being lost, ultimately leading to them becoming dust collectors 😅. I am trying to be more disciplined and accountable in 2023, but definitely can’t do that without writing things down! I have been searching etsy for a bit today for a journal that jumps out at me, decisions decisions! Do you have anything left on your list?


      1. I have a couple cookie recipes to bake in the next couple days. Wrapping has been done for a while. Holidays in our home are not as busy as yours. We haven’t hosted our annual family Christmas party since 2015. I do plan a Christmas Eve lunch for my husbands siblings. Nothing fancy, just mushroom chowder and oyster stew. This year I bought Christmas themed soup mugs for them to use at lunch and then take home. Hubby laughed and said that takes care of washing dishes.

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      2. One thing I haven’t done yet is any baking! What kind are you making? I was trying to think the last time we hosted Christmas, maybe 3 years ago, I can’t seem to remember lol. I think holidays have always been sort of chaotically normal for me since my parent’s divorce. Having a split family made things extra bananas, so it feels normal in a way. At the same time, covid really made me feel different about the way I was spending my time. I realized the holidays don’t need to be so extra, we just do what we have the energy for.
        I have never had mushroom chowder or oyster stew! Actually, I don’t think I have ever had an oyster! Maybe I will look that up and give it a try while it’s cold here lol. I like the soup mug idea, too! Make them take their dishes with them haha!


      3. Fruit cakes were baked in October and have been soaking in brandy soaked cheese cloth since then. Apple butter bread, cream cheese pound cake and maraschino cherry pound cake in the freezer. I want to bake shortbread cookies, ricotta cookies, a cracker toffee and a sugar cookie bar that you cut into squares.
        I cheated this year and bought 16 dozen frozen cookie doughs: oatmeal raisin, chunky chocolate, ginger molasses, chocolate chip. Just pop in the oven and bake.
        In past years I would order a couple dozen unfrosted Christmas sugar cookies from our local grocery bakery and frost with the grandchildren but a couple are away at college and the others are busy with school and work.

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