Blogmas 2022 •Day Fifteen•

Ask and you shall receive! What a glorious thing to wake up to this morning, a beautiful snowfall! It has been snowing for most of the day today and I am here for it!

This morning while we were waiting for the car’s engine to warm up, Wylan decided to get out and slide around the driveway like he was ice skating. I turned on Christmas songs, rolled a window down, and cranked it up for him. He was cheesin’ hardcore.

Harrison and I ventured out to Target to return some items and then buy the right ones and order cupcakes for Isla’s birthday. We grabbed a couple food items for lunch and headed to the school to wait for the kids. While we were in the car waiting, the snow was coming down pretty thick. I plugged the auxiliary cord into my phone and put the Grinch on for us to watch. Harrison thought it was pretty cool and decided next time we need popcorn.

After school, the kids didn’t waste anytime grabbing their sleds and taking them in the yard. Granted, the snow isn’t covering the grass yet, but still slippery enough for some fun rides down the little slope we have.

I did a little bit of wrapping while waiting for Chris to get home. The kids had their winter art show and book fair tonight. They were really excited about it. Each year they make ornaments at school and then the school sells them to raise money for a scholarship fund that they do. They got their ornaments and then they each picked a diary and a pen from the book fair. We finished with hot chocolate and goodies.

They are always excited when they bring us into their school. I’m just glad we are able to get back to a somewhat normalcy post-covid protocols and event cancelations.

10 more days until Christmas!

⛄️ jenn


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