Blogmas 2022 •Day Thirteen•

It’s basically the middle of December and we have only had a glimmer of snow. We haven’t had any accumulation and honestly, it makes me a little sad. I have grown accustomed to my birthday being blanketed in the white snowfall. It seems like every year it has become less and less.

I didn’t have have snow on my birthday this year [which was last week]. We have been getting rain since yesterday. I am glad that it hasn’t dropped below freezing to turn the streets into an ice rink, but I sure am hoping Christmas is aiming to please my snow-lovin’ heart.

Maybe I am an oddball in my love for the snow, but I have always loved it. I love it so much that I got a snowflake tattoo earlier this year. It wasn’t the exact look I wanted (artist said it was too small for the details I wanted) and I do need it to be touched up already, but I still enjoy seeing it.

Don’t mind my watch imprints 🤪

But nooooo, instead of walking into work smiling at the snow, I am walking in trying not to get completely soaked in the rain 🙃. I’ll still be smiling though!

Happy Tuesday!

12 more days til Christmas!!

❄️ jenn


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