Blogmas 2022 Day Ten

Have a holly jolly Christmas!

That was the song that Isla danced to at her Christmas recital tonight. She did so well, and I love seeing her up there having fun. I am not sure which part she enjoys more, being able to wear makeup or the dancing itself.

At the end, the entire dance company came on stage to do a finale performance all together. They were surprised when they all parted down the middle and Santa and Mrs. Claus made their way to the front of the stage. It was comical seeing the youngest dancers in shock to see him standing right next to them.

After the show was over, I went to the back to pick her up. I gave her a cute reindeer stuffed animal that was wearing her dance company’s shirt and a dance medal that had a reindeer on it. We met back up with everyone so that they could see her in her costume before changing. Chris gave her some really pretty glittered red roses. She is a sucker for flowers just like her mama. Everyone hugged her and told her how great she was. She just couldn’t stop smiling and hugging everyone.

I took her into the bathroom to help change her into her regular clothes and she said, “remember you said after my Christmas recital, I could be done if I wanted to?” I said, “yeah that is your decision”. She said, “well, I want to keep dancing.” I am glad she has found something she likes, and we are able to make it happen for her. She only started dance back in January of this year and it is awesome seeing the difference just a year can make; especially when it comes to watching your child grow and mature. She moved up from the class that she started in at the beginning of the year after their Spring recital. She took this recital a bit more seriously, practicing at home and asking for critique. I am just happy that she is enjoying it!

As long as she wants to dance, I see many Christmas recitals becoming a tradition of our season.

We went out to eat a pizza restaurant and the kids played a few of the arcade games there. Afterwards, we decided to drive around the nearby neighborhood as we have known about a light display there for several years now. Unfortunately, they did not have any lights up this year. Perhaps they moved or something? We drove to the next stop and once we got there, I realized this house always has Kiss as part of their display. Our youngest, Harrison, is three years old and utterly obsessed with Kiss. He thought it was really cool to see them in a Christmas display.

All in all, it was an eventful evening bringing out the Christmas cheer in all of us.

15 days left until Christmas! Are you feeling the cheer?

❄️ jenn


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