Blogmas 2022 •Day Eight•

I mentioned the other day about how I decided not to do our typical advent this year. With working, my masters program, kids activities, and family shenanigans it just felt like another task that would sometimes be impossible to fulfill.

Instead I decided to gather all of our Christmas books and then count to see how many more I would need to have 24 total. I think I wound up only needing 4 or 5 more. I snagged a couple from the kids resale store and a couple off of thriftbooks. Once I had them all, I grabbed some cheap wrapping paper from the dollar tree and wrapped all of the books. I labeled them for each day 1 to 24, and put them in a crate next to the Christmas tree. I wrapped them so the kids would find it exciting to not know which book it was until we went to open it.

If we wind up missing a day, we open two the next. It’s less stressful for me for sure with so many other things happening. So far we have liked When Santa was a Baby by Linda Bailey and Don’t Push the Button a Christmas Adventure by Bill Cotter. I am looking forward to day 12’s book. It’s a new pop up one I found on the 12 days of Christmas by Robert Sabuda. I looked at it before wrapping it, it’s very intricate.

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What is your favorite Christmas book? Did you have a favorite one growing up?

📖 🎄 jenn


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