Blogmas 2022 •Day Six•

This time of year always tends to be busy for people. Am I wrong in thinking that it is especially busy for moms? I feel like that is true for all the people in my life at least. The moms tend to be the planners, the magic makers, and trying to ensure that everyone is having a jolly season. Often times, at least for me, that means putting myself last on the list of things that are a priority. This year, I have made it a point to take a step back and really think about what is important to me. For instance, I did not do our usual advent calendar this year. I figured, the things that were important on that agenda would still be done at some point.

Why did I feel the need to put it into this elaborate plan EVERY. S I N G L E. DAY? I think it started with good intentions and then sort of turned into, “well so and so is doing this and if my kids see that, they will wonder why they aren’t doing it”. Christmas should not be a competition. Just because one family is getting everything they ask for, doesn’t mean every family has to. You do what you can with what you have.

With taking that step back and really trying to prioritize what is important to me, I decided that I am allowed to put myself first, too. With the hustle and bustle that I put into this season, I am well deserving of putting myself ahead of things sometimes. My birthday is tomorrow and over this last weekend my sister had asked me if I wanted to have a girl’s day. We went to the nail salon, just her and I, and it was so nice! We were literally the only ones there at the time which made it even better. We got pedicures and our eyebrows done. My sister had two people tending to her at the same time at one point, I told her it was like we ordered the Queen package. I am so thankful that she took me and reminded me that it’s okay not to feel guilty about taking some time to myself.

That following afternoon, we were at Target with the kids during their Yes Day experience and I decided to treat myself to some new pajamas. I grabbed two sets of holiday pajamas, and they are my new favorite thing on earth!

So cozy and comfortable! They are the Stars Above brand.

I also took the liberty in ordering myself some new clothes for the Winter months for work as we aren’t allowed to wear jeans and most of my work clothes that I have involve dresses and skirts. I figure I will be glad to have pants instead with the crazy winds and *hopefully* inches of snow. I also snagged some long sleeve tops and sweaters as well. {Maybe I will do a Winter outfit post later this month, hmmm}.

Alls I am saying is that the season doesn’t need to mean that we forget to fill our own cups. “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” I can’t remember where that quote is from now, but it is so true. Don’t forget to give to yourself this season!



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