Blogmas 2022 •Day Four•

One of my favorite things to do for the holidays is picking out wrapping paper and holiday cards. I don’t normally do matchy-matchy as the gifts are not going to the same recipients as the cards. However, this year, it just sort of happened that the cards matched the paper I picked out at a separate time.

I picked this set of paper rolls because I really liked the ones with the houses on them. Granted, when I ordered them I thought the graphics were larger, but they are still cute overall. I also like the Nutcracker print, I don’t think I have ever purchased either sort of print before. Snowflakes I have done before, but it came as 3 piece set, which I thought was fine. I knew the paper needed to go with the “tags” that we are making everyone this year and I wanted that to stand out against the paper.

As for the cards, I wasn’t sure I was going to pick any out this year. I love picking out pretty cards to send to people. We do send family and friends our photo cards, but I didn’t want to send double to them. Then we started to receive cards from the card exchange we did last year and I really wanted to send those people cards back. I found these cards on amazon, they are Hallmark brand. I liked how they have sort of a vintage look to them. I hope each card brings joy to the person who receives them.

Once they arrived I realized how similar they are to the paper I bought, with the houses. Apparently that’s my theme this year as oddly enough it is similar to the photocard I decided on as well. 😅 [I had made my own then realized it was twice the cost to print it verses a premade one – here is the one I had made.]

Whatever the case of the matchiness is, I sure get joy from picking out cards and wrapping paper and getting them ready to go to their recipients. Do you do matchy-matchy paper and cards? Where is your favorite place to buy wrapping supplies? Do you find joy in gift wrap? Let me know!

🎁 jenn


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