Blogmas 2022 •Day Three•

Last weekend we went to our town’s Holiday Magic event. Though I am still unsure how we are already in December, this is becoming one of my favorite ways to kick off the holiday season.

We started inside the library. I didn’t snag any pictures, but we walked through the village display which is always cool to see. It is fairly large, I especially enjoy the animated displays, Graceland, The Christmas Story, and Christmas Vacation displays.


Once we were finished walking around the display, we went to the kid’s library room where they had set up a Gingerbread house activity. They give you a board, a milk carton, and a few baggies full of supplies to build your house. Luckily I remembered how this went last year and was able to just roll with the punches this time. At first we had a double stacked tower, but when it started to collapse I quickly turned it into a trailer (or as Chris says a tiny house). The downfall is that we were only given a small amount of icing and weren’t able to get more, so we had to work with what we got. Overall though, it’s standing! 🤣

Chris took the house to the car so we didn’t have to worry about carrying it around. The kids and I got in line for balloon animals. Once it was our turn, the boys decided on swords and Isla got a heart wand. We ventured to the next line for face painting. Once we got to where we were next, the boys decided not to get theirs done and Isla decided on a butterfly. By this point, Harrison’s sword popped. When Isla was done, we took everything to the car and had the boys grab their beanies.

We walked across the street where they were handing out hot chocolate and cookies. I was very thankful for the hot chocolate! We stood in line while snacking, waiting for Santa’s arrival. They had music playing and it was fun seeing all the families and the kid’s excitement. We were in line for maybe 20 minutes or so, and then Santa came in on the town’s firetruck! Harrison especially thought that was awesome. Santa made his way to his seat in the gazebo and we waited our turn to see him.

When it was our turn we went up to Santa and got our picture taken with him. Harrison was too nervous to say anything, Isla asked for Gabby’s dollhouse, and Wylan asked for a VR. He asked them if they have been good and Isla quietly and mischievously said “yeah”. Wylan said, “for the most part”. Santa told them if they are good he will bring them what they asked for.

I learned that our town has been doing this Holiday Magic for over 25 years now. We have lived here for 4.5 years. Last year was our first time realizing it was a thing. It’s the type of event that makes me never want to move. You don’t get the small town feel, especially the Christmas kind, just anywhere. The only thing missing was some snow flurries 😆.

After the event, we headed home to decorate and eat soup. My parents came over and helped the kids decorate. The kids were excited to finally decorate the tree.

We had ham and potato soup for dinner [crockpot for the win!] with rolls and a couple snacks my mom brought. Once we finished everything inside, we went outside and finished setting up the lights in the front yard. After my parents left, the kids got ready for bed and then they wrote their letters to Santa.

All in all, it was a good day and I am thankful my kids will have the memories.

🎄 jenn


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